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NCU Junior League 7 - 2022 (#ncuj7)
                        P    W    T    L  NR/V  Pts   season
Lisburn IV              4    4    0    0    0   16      (8)
Larne II                4    3    0    1    0   12      (5)
Cregagh III             2    1    0    1    0    4      (4)
Ards & Donaghadee III   1    1    0    0    0    4      (7)
Ballymena III           1    0    0    1    0    0      (1)
Muckamore V             2    0    0    2    0    0      (2)
Victoria II             1    0    0    1    0    0      (3)
CIYMS V                 3    0    0    3    0    0      (6)

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Winners 2021: Dundrum II

Section Secretary: Peter Shepherd
(M) 07762 132191
NV-Play Junior League 7

22nd May
Larne II beat CIYMS V by 2 runs

15th May
Larne 173-8 (25 overs)
CIYMS 163-6 (25 overs)
Larne II beat CIYMS V by 10 runs

Cregagh III 79 (29.4 overs, C Cahoon 21, R Booth 2-10, M Foster 2-5, S Spence 2-15, L Reddy 2-30)
Lisburn IV 80-1 (11 overs, J Mulholland snr 44no)
Lisburn IV beat Cregagh III by 9 wickets

13th May
Lisburn 4s 154-6 (20 overs, J Mulholland jnr 25, S Caddell 21, T McCloskey 2-31)
Larne II 8 (9.2 overs, J Mulligan 6-0, L Reddy 2-3)
Lisburn IV beat Larne II by 146 runs

8th May
Lisburn IV 116-6 (20 overs, S Caddell 29, K Gribben 2-18, Shakeel 2-29)
Muckamore V 32 (14 overs, L Reddy 3-5)
Lisburn IV beat Muckamore V by 84 runs

CIYMS V 136-5 (25 overs, A McGonigle 89 S Caddell 3-28)
Lisburn IV 137-2 (16.1 overs, M Spence 46, H Cartmill 34no) 
Lisburn IV beat CIYMS V by 8 wickets

7th May
Ards & Donaghadee III 156-4 (25 overs, R Houghton 64, F Gilroy 33, R McVeigh 21)
Victoria II 108-1 (25 overs, J Woods 36, R Johnson 43no)
Ards & Donaghadee III beat Victoria II by 48 runs

Muckamore V v Ballymena III - postponed

2nd May
Larne II 141-8 (30 overs, J Russell 35, S King 29)
Ballymena III 37 (14 overs, D Fitzsimons 4-13, T McCluskey 3-16, S McIlwaine 3-2)
Larne II beat Ballymena III by 104 runs

1st May
Lisburn IV v Larne II - postponed

30th April
Lisburn IV v Muckamore V - postponed

24th April
Cregagh III beat Muckamore V by 8 wickets

28th May
Ballymena III v Lisburn IV

29th May
Cregagh III v Ards & Donaghadee III
Muckamore V v Larne II

4th June
Larne II v Victoria II

5th June
CIYMS V v Muckamore V
Lisburn IV v Ards & Donaghadee III

12th June
Ards & Donaghadee III v Muckamore V
Ballymena III v CIYMS V
Cregagh III v Larne II

18th June
Cregagh III v Victoria II

19th June
Ards & Donaghadee III v Larne II

25th June
Ards & Donaghadee III v CIYMS V
Victoria II v Muckamore V

26th June
Ballymena III v Cregagh III
Larne II v Lisburn IV

1st July
Victoria II v Larne II

3rd July
Cregagh III v CIYMS V

9th July
Ards & Donaghadee III v Lisburn IV
Ballymena III v Muckamore V

16th July
Ards & Donaghadee III v Victoria II
Lisburn IV v Ballymena III

17th July
Cregagh III v Lisburn IV

19th July
CIYMS V v Victoria II

23rd July
Victoria II v Lisburn IV

24th July
Cregagh III v Ballymena III
Larne II v Ards & Donaghadee III

26th July
CIYMS V v Ballymena III

30th July
Victoria II v Ballymena III

31st July
CIYMS V v Cregagh III
Larne II v Muckamore V

3rd August
Victoria II v Cregagh III

6th August
Lisburn IV v Victoria II

7th August
Larne II  v Cregagh III
Muckamore V v Ards & Donaghadee III

13th August
Ballymena III v Victoria II

14th August
Ards & Donaghadee III v Cregagh III
CIYMS V v Lisburn IV

20th August
Ards & Donaghadee III v Ballymena III
Victoria II v CIYMS V

21st August
Cregagh III v Muckamore V

27th August
Muckamore V v Lisburn IV

28th August
Muckamore V v CIYMS V

29th August
Ballymena III v Larne II

3rd September
Muckamore V v Victoria II

4th September
CIYMS V v Ards & Donaghadee III

To be Arranged
Ballymena III v Ards & Donaghadee III