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NCU Minor Qualifying Cup - 2021
Honorary Competition Secretary: Bryan Milford
(M) 07828 182090

First Round - 22nd May
    CIYMS V 148-6 (R Elliott 61no, H Topping 26no, J Russell 3-20)
    Larne II 129-8 (G Jamieson 24, C Burley 30, D Hodge 26, T Martin 2-21, P Topping 2-30, B White 2-28)
    CIYMS V beat Larne II by 19 runs
    Muckamore VI 143-5 (T Kennedy 53no, R Copeland 2-18)
    CSNI V 144-3 (R Copeland 43no, C McCreedy 39no, D Sproule 34)
    CSNI V beat Muckamore VI by 8 wickets
    Donacloney Mill IV walkover v Waringstown IV
    Drumaness Superkings III 205-1 (P Fenton 24, S Mahato 82no, K Vijayakumar 57no)
    Dundrum III 163-5 (K Butler 58, G Lowey 49)
    Drumaness Superkings III beat Dundrum III by 42 runs
    Cliftonville Academy IV 71-9 (I Latham 26no, R Mitra 2-10, S Valipe 2-13)
    Dunmurry II 72-4
    Dunmurry II beat Cliftonville Academy IV by 6 wickets
    Holywood III beat Armagh IV
    Victoria III 93-5 (A Stirling 24, B Johnston 2-7, S Irwin 2-17)
    Victoria II 94-2 (J Woods 42, R Black 27)
    Victoria II beat Victoria III by 8 wickets 
Second Round - 19th June
    H   Cregagh III v Donacloney Mill IV
    I   Holywood III v Templepatrick IV
    J   Drumaness Superkings III v Bangor IV (moved to Sunday 20th June)
    K   CIYMS V v Victoria II
    L   Cooke Collegians III v North Down IV
    M   Muckamore V v Ards II
    N   CSNI V v Dundrum II
    O   Lisburn IV v Dunmurry II (moved to Sunday 20th June at 1pm)
Third Round - 3rd July
    P   H v I
    Q   J v K
    R   L v M
    S   N v O
Semi Finals - 31st July
    T   P v Q
    U   R v S
Final - 28th August at Dundrum CC
    T v U

Reserve dates:
1st Round - 30th May
2nd Round - 27th June
3rd Round - 11th July
Semi-Final - 8th August
Final - 5th September

(NOTE: If a team has been nominated by their club as not playing Sundays then the reserve date will be the Saturday following the previous round)