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Northern Cricket Union Development Plan - 2014-2018


In common with any organisation’s planning process, there is a continual need to review, on a regular basis, all areas of the organisation and to plan to take account of internal and external changes which impact on its development.

The Northern Cricket Union of Ireland (NCU) is in this position following the publication of the Development Plan in 2007. Given the rapid changes in Cricket Ireland (CI) over the past number of years and the subsequent aspirations contained in its 2013 Strategy Plan, the Union postponed the formulation of its planning for the next 3 years.

The Management Board has carried out an in depth review of the Directorate structure and the governance contained in the 2007/09 Plan, considering how it can best reflect the objectives of CI but also take forward the development of our own domestic game.

While there have been successful achievements in many areas, it was felt that the present developments at national level dictated that the responsibilities of the Directorates be revised along with the governance issues which would arise from the changes.

The proposed changes were circulated to all clubs to seek their comments and were approved at the 2013 Annual General Meeting. These are now reflected in the current Plan and we would encourage all clubs to participate in the achievement of its objectives.

Having attended meetings of all the new Directorates that have been closely involved in the drafting we would like to take this opportunity to thank all Board and Directorate members for their input into the Plan which will take the Union through to 2018. We also welcome the commitment from within the Board to continually review the implementation of the Plan throughout its life cycle and to adopt further changes should these become necessary.

As a result of all this, we are confident that post publication, the new Development Plan will  provide fresh impetus for all those involved in NCU cricket.

WR Boyd (President)
A Clement (Chairman)
February 2014

Download a copy of the Development Plan (PDF 743KB)

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