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Charity Registration Number: NIC 106791

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NCU Facebook Page
NCU Committees and Officials 2018-19

Public Relations Officer: Richard White

Child Welfare Officer: Geoffrey Heyburn

Web-Site Editor: Wylie McKinty
(M) 07876 358921

Sponsorship Officer: Richard Johnson
(H) 9066 2310 (M) 07968 085991

General Manager: Angela Platt

General Secretary: Bryan Milford
(M) 07828 182090

NIACUS Umpires’ Appointments Secretary: Ian Houston
7 Rockmount Park, Bangor BT19 6AT
(M) 07889 275548
(Strictly no calls after 10.00pm)

Domestic Cricket Directorate
Sam Beckett (Director)
Roger Bell
Andrew Rose
David Skelton

Representative Cricket Directorate
Allan Rutherford (Director
Stephen Hanna
Stephen Dyer
Brian Walsh

Finance & Sponsorship Cricket Directorate
Alastair Burton (Director)
Kailash Chada (Treasurer)

Nominees to Cricket Ireland Board:
Alan Waite & Sam Beckett

Nominees to Cricket Ireland Cricket Committee:
Roger Bell & Alan Waite

Nominees to Cricket Ireland Finance Committee:
Richard Johnson

Inter-Provincial / Northern Knights
Head Coach: Simon Johnston
Chair of Selectors: Kyle McCallan