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Under 15 League 2017
E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.

Division 1 - The Pedagogues Trophy - Winners 2016: Donaghcloney and Lisburn
Section Honorary Secretary: Andy McCrea (H) 9332 2492 (M) 07811 737047 (E)
By 14th May
CSNI 172-3 (A Reid 53ret, J Gibbons 50ret, A Armstrong 32no)
CIYMS 124-8 (D Girvin 35, P Hunt 30, A Armstrong 3-23, R Gondhia 2-22)
CSNI won by 48 runs

Derriaghy beat Waringstown

Instonians A 175-3 (M Humphreys 50ret, B Beattie 33no)
Lisburn 57 (H Ellerby 3-8, J Dickson 3-9)
Instonians A beat Lisburn by 118 runs

By 21st May
CSNI v Derriaghy

Instonians A 152-5 (J Dickson 42)
CIYMS 107-6 (P Hunt 33)
Instonians A beat CIYMS by 45 runs

Waringstown v Lisburn

By 4th June
CSNI		v Waringstown
Derriaghy	v Instonians A
Lisburn		v CIYMS
By 18th June
CIYMS		v Derriaghy

CSNI 100-8 (J McCrete 22, A Pahuja 19, J Dillon 2-7)
Lisburn 104-2 (N Doak 53rtd, J Dillon 31no)
Lisburn beat CSIN by 8 wickets

Waringstown 81-3 (S Burke 32)
Instonians 83-0 (J Lambert 43no, M Humphreys 39no)
Instonians A beat Waringstown by 10 wickets

By 30th July
Derriaghy	v Lisburn
Instonians A	v CSNI
Waringstown	v CIYMS

Play-off to decide Winner
A 1st Place v 4th Place
B 2nd Place v 3rd Place

Winner of A v Winner of B

Division 2 - Winners 2016: Instonians B and Muckamore
Section Secretary: Andrew Cowden (M) 07960 993263 (E)
Section A
By 21st May
Ballymena 104 (J Drain 37, R Armstrong 2-13, B Buchanan-Rolleston 2-15, 
S Gardner 2-24, I Logan 2-18)
Carrickfergus 107-1 (B Buchanan-Rolleston 44, S Gardner 29)
Carrickfergus beat Ballymena by 9 wickets

Cliftonville	v Muckamore

By 4th June
Templepatrick A beat Muckamore by 8 wickets

Cliftonville 101-9 (A Douglas 37, N Crooks 2-17, R McKay 3-20, 
M Hamilton 2-7) Templepatrick B 102-1 (M Braniff 40no, A Cheshire 24no) Templepatrick B beat Cliftonville by 9 wickets By 11th June Cliftonville 102-6 (A Douglas 32) Carrickfergus 73 (J Corscadden 2-14, B Miller 2-18) Cliftonville beat Carrickfergus by 29 runs Templepatrick A beat Ballymena by 7 wickets By 18th June Ballymena 39 Muckamore 41-1 Muckamore beat Ballymena by 9 wickets Templepatrick B v Templepatrick A By 25th June Ballymena beat Templepatrick B by 1 run Templepatrick A beat Cliftonville by 50 runs Muckamore 133-6 (D McCulloch 28, B Hodge 23, S Gardner 2-14, B Brennan 2-18) Carrickfergus 47 (C Bird 3-2, J Jackson 3-8) Muckamore beat Carrickfergus by 86 runs By 2nd July Templepatrick B 116-5 (M Braniff 51ret, A Cheshire 38, B Buchanan-Rolleston 3-10, B Brennan 2-30) Carrickfergus 119-3 (A Clark 44*, S Gardner 25, B Buchanan-Rolleston 22, S Gardiner 2-15) Carrickfergus beat Templepatrick B by 7 wickets Cliftonville v Ballymena By 30th July Templepatrick A 142-4 (E Wallace 50ret, N Kane 33, Ashton 2-?) Carrickfergus 99-9 (A Greer 3-15, N Kane 2-16, E Wallace 2-14) Templepatrick A beat Carrickfergus by 43 runs Muckamore 72 (M Hamilton 4-17, S Gardiner 2-6, B Cunningham 23, J Kennedy 12) Templepatrick B 73-2 (Z Solomon 36no, S Gardiner 11no) Templepatrick B beat Muckamore by 8 wickets
Section B
By 21st May
Ards		v Downpatrick

Bangor 121-4 (C Pyper 53ret, S Davis 2-19)
Dundrum 105-4 (R Phillips 50ret)
Bangor beat Dundrum by 16 runs

By 4th June
Dundrum		v Ards

Bangor 103-6
North Down 76
Bangor beat North Down by 27 runs

By 11th June
Downpatrick	v Bangor
Dundrum beat north down by 8 runs

By 18th June
Bangor		v Ards
North Down beat Downpatrick by 5 wickets

By 25th June
Ards		v North Down
Dundrum		v Downpatrick

Section C
By 21st May
Cregagh 97-3 (M Shannon 34no)
Armagh 96-7 (J Hazelton 26, A Morrow 23, Z Toor 2-13, M Shannon 2-15)
Cregagh beat Armagh by 1 run

Instonians B 107-8 (J Rose 33no, B Wilson 2-11, J Cunningham 2-17, M Matthews 2-24)
Donaghcloney Mill 110-0 (A Fisher 52ret, B Wilson 45no)
Donaghcloney Mill beat Instonians B by 10 wickets

Laurelvale	  v Lurgan

By 4th June
Cregagh		  v Laurelvale
Instonians B walkover v Armagh
Lurgan		  v Donaghcloney Mill

By 11th June
Armagh 85-4 (J Hazelton 51ret)
Donaghcloney Mill 86-5 (B Wilson 18, R Matthews 18no, J Hazelton 2-32)
Donaghcloney Mill beat Armagh by 5 wickets

Laurelvale	  v Instonians B
Cregagh walkover v Lurgan

By 18th June
Cregagh		  v Donaghcloney Mill
Instonians B walkover v Lurgan
Armagh		  v Laurelvale

By 25th June
Donaghcloney Mill 115 (B Wilson 46, R Matthews 18, A Spears 3-17, J Spears 3-18, J Conn 2-18)
Laurelvale 93-5 (A Spears 50ret, J Smyth 16, R Matthews 2-15)
Donaghcloney Mill beat Laurelvale by 22 runs

Instonians B 239-6 (B Beattie 26, B Crothers 50no, C Johnston 53no, TJ Pallin 38)
Cregagh 80-8 (C Wallace 2-20, S McLarnon 2-3)
Instonians B beat Cregagh by 159 runs

Lurgan		  v Armagh
D  Winner of Group A v Winner of Group C
E  Winner of Group B v Best Runner-Up

Winner of D v Winner of E